Young Professional living in NYC. Making connections and creating communities through storytelling. Host of City Living with Churchill Podcast

How I continue to find and create space in a world that wants me boxed in

Home I grew up in Cameroon

My first day at an American school was in May 2007. It was two weeks before my brothers and I had immigrated to the United States from Cameroon. That morning began with my mother making breakfast — fried sweet plantains and eggs with some juice and tea. I was so…

Tips and advice on finding your New York City apartment

Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash

I remember my first time trying to find an apartment in New York City, I felt miserable and confused. I have so many stories where I show up to apartments that didn’t match up with the photos posted online by the broker. Some apartments did not even have a ceiling…

Churchill Ndonwie

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