24 Lessons & Affirmations From 2021 That Will Help You Embrace The New Year

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We are now entering season three of the apocalyptic series called the Pandemic. Like many, I thought 2021 was supposed to be the year of calm, moving away from the pandemic but like that email from our annoying coworker, COVID said “let me circle back”. The past 12 months have felt like 24 and the events of 2020 now feel like they happened in 2010. However the hardship of the year, it did come with some lessons learned and a hope that this reality does not end up like Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’.

Here are 24 lessons and affirmations I experienced this year that you might find useful in embracing the new year:

  1. We are responsible for those that love us, not just those we love.
  2. Your job doesn’t matter. It is the relationships and memories we create that matter the most. A job is replaceable, a loved one is not.
  3. Be intentional in your relationships. Mindfulness in our relationships is key to helping us keep our bonds fresh and also helps us determine when there are bugs, growth deterrents or wearing signs in relationships.
  4. Our feelings are just what they are — feelings. They are neither good nor bad. Instead of labeling and judging them good vs bad just sit in them. Experience and be curious about them. Accept right now it is like this.
  5. We are not our thoughts or the stories we tell ourselves. We are the stillness that happens between those thoughts. A spiritual being having a physical experience. We are far more capable, loved and divine than we think.
  6. Everyone is going through some shit you don’t know about or they don’t want to talk about. Be kind to everyone.
  7. Be active in life — always ask what is your participation in the space you occupy. Thrive to be a co-creator in your experience in this life. You can choose to drive the car called life or it can drive you.
  8. No circumstance is permanent. Whether you realize it or not, everything is constantly changing, including you. Meet life with a spirit of nonresistance.
  9. Be kind to yourself. You are deserving of love and affection.
  10. It takes a village. Nothing great is ever achieved alone. Ask for help and maximize your network.
  11. Sometimes we need a change of environment to be our best selves.
  12. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Patience, persistence, perseverance are all part of the journey.
  13. We need to provide ourselves and others the love, kindness and gentleness that is needed to discover, grow and settle into ourselves — not holding others or ourselves prisoners to a past self that is no longer true.
  14. Things don’t have to upset you. You do not need to comment on it. Just let it go
  15. Whatever it is, you are probably overthinking it. Just do it.
  16. Happiness is found in the present, not when you have achieved that goal or get that thing you are chasing.
  17. Forgiveness is a continual process, not a one and done action.
  18. There is so much joy that can be found in doing mundane everyday tasks like washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, watering plants etc.
  19. Being still is critical to keep going. In a world constantly in motion, it is okay to stop and catch your breath.
  20. The only thing we can truly control is ourselves. We can’t control a situation or others but we have power over our reaction and how we meet a moment.
  21. There is power in language and word choices. Take the time to align intention to words and not speak too quickly.
  22. Gratitude is a practice and prayer to be done daily. It can be found in all little things in life. From the water we drink, the food we eat, the bed we sleep in, the air in our lungs, the electricity in our homes to the internet that connects us to the world.
  23. We do not always have to agree with people’s views but we can listen and understand. We are multidimensional, a cumulative of many experiences and identities. Let’s break open our echo chambers and invite a different opinion.
  24. “Memento Mori” — Remember that you too shall die. Let that be a reminder that death is evident and always near. Life is short. In the grander ocean of the universe, our lives are merely the blink of a firefly light. Let that determine your action. The petty arguments, grudges and things we hold don’t matter in the long run. Let love be your intention and action.

Hopefully 2022 doesn’t truly mean “2020 2” but rather we begin to see true calm to the pandemic and in our lives.



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Churchill Ndonwie

Churchill Ndonwie

Young Professional living in NYC. Making connections and creating communities through storytelling. Host of City Living with Churchill Podcast