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Young Professional living in NYC. Avid podcast listener and lover. Host: City Living with Churchill Podcast|

Tips to help you take action

A few years ago in college, I was listening to an interview with “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe about how his career progressed over the years. In the interview, he warned against “pursuing one’s passion.” Instead, he said people should “pursue opportunity and bring passion with you.” That quote is something I think about a lot in my 20’s as I navigate my career and ask myself big questions like, “where do I belong?” and “how do I make the most impact with my talents and skills?”

As I navigate my career, I practice that mantra. In everything I do…

How we can change the narrative of burn out culture

In the spring of 2016, I was sitting in the cafeteria of the student union at The Ohio State University preparing for my final days of college. As I sat there studying, I received a voice message from my friend Rachel living in New York City. The message has stuck with me throughout my entire young professional career.

In the voice message, she sounded frantic, high on emotion and crying. She began to tell me about her day and what had happened. That day she had woken up with a fever but her boss still required her to show up…

A love affair with New York City

Out of all the people I have dated in my life, New York City has been my best and longest relationship ever.

When I moved to the United States in 2007 from Cameroon, one of the most exciting traditions my family and I started practicing each year was watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square. I became enchanted with the bright lights, the loudness of the crowd, the energetic pull that, even when behind a screen, puts a spell on you. I became increasingly obsessed with the city in my teen years as the yearn for freedom…

How plants can teach you about humility

My little brother, with whom I had been sharing my one-bedroom, New York City apartment, moved out during the summer of 2020 after about four months. Though it was rough when he first moved in, I later grew accustomed to having him around. Because I worked a lot, he did most of the grocery shopping and always enjoyed making me his special baked chicken, which was dipped in a bbq/habanero pepper flakes sauce with sweet plantains.

However, when he left, the rooms felt empty, the air felt light and I found myself having an understanding of the “empty nest syndrome.”…

Top five lessons learned in 2020 and how it helped me find myself

It was the first week of February. I remember being at work in the Financial District and discussing with coworkers the news of a new strain of the flu virus that was causing a health-care crisis in China. We imagined the possibility of the virus spreading to New York City. It seemed far-fetched. Little did we know that only three weeks later our lives would change.

Over the course of those three weeks, our sidebar conversations were getting closer and closer to home. …

I found freedom in my pandemic-era hair journey

These days, you’ll find a vast selection of hair products inside my bathroom cabinet. Bottles and jars, big and small, lined up side by side like soldiers. It’s funny to think one year ago I wasn’t even aware of some of my essentials, like Originals Hair Mayonnaise and Shea Moisture’s enhancing cream. I had no clue about the cost of growing and maintaining my hair. Everything changed when salons and barbershops closed at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the midst of those dire times, I finally decided to take my haircare into my own hands.

Before the world…

Tips and advice on finding your New York City apartment

I remember my first time trying to find an apartment in New York City, I felt miserable and confused. I have so many stories where I show up to apartments that didn’t match up with the photos posted online by the broker. Some apartments did not even have a ceiling installed. Yes, an apartment that did not have a ceiling. Many stories of me showing up and the apartment unit was dirty but still costs about $3,000, someone showing me a studio but telling me it’s a one bedroom or a junior one bedroom. I did not know about broker’s…

Churchill Ndonwie

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