Lord Bless Our Week — Week of 4/25: Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Lord bless our week. Help remind us that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Patience, persistence, perseverance are all part of the journey.

Patience with ourselves and others. We need to provide ourselves and others the love, kindness and gentleness that is needed to discover, grow and settle into ourselves — not holding others or ourselves prisoners to a past self that is no longer true. Growth and change takes time.

Persistence — You have to be as perennial as plants when it comes to your life and goals. No matter the circumstance, plants are always adopting and finding a way to survive. You can too. If you fail the first time, try again.

Perseverance — Never give up! Think of failure as a redirection rather than a stop. We are always closer than we think to our goals. Life is a collection of breaths, so is success. Success is a collection of small wins over time. So next time you run into a roadblock, take a deep breath and say “tomorrow, I will try again.” Pain, failure, hardship, and bad times are temporary, not everlasting.

Know you are loved ❤️ . Be kind to yourself!

This is a weekly affirmation to start your week. Come back every Monday at 9am ET for affirmations. Follow & Subscribe to my page to get weekly affirmation via email every Monday.



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